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Bad Decisions
What you see as bad decisions,
Are the hints of a position,
Just a life condition,
A collision,
A decision from ambition to transition,
Making lessons, ammunition.
What you see as bad decisions,
It's just me, and my rendition.
Making simple supple swipes,
To solve life's long division.
Bad decisions are a mission,
Merging thoughts by nuclear fission,
Forging lessons from life's rubble,
Giving birth to my own vision.
It's grabbing a sharp blade,
Hovering over a candle,
As I blindly drag the handle,
Before making an incision.
But that's how we all learn,
Because life lacks supervision.
When the wound begins to burn,
It's time to turn,
And think of a revision.
Forget the prohibitions,
Bad decision? Superstition.
Just be willing to retain,
That lessons learned by pain,
Are the greatest acquisition.
:iconvisioku:Visioku 6 4
on waking alone in the night
it is four in the morning.
with my eyes closed i could be a child
tonguing the space left
by a missing tooth, probing,
picking at
some loss - the slow, nagging drip
of that open wound.
in this dark i can't see
my palm as it rises there
like a specter, the unfurling
of the hand like lips, the spaces
between fingers as they search again
and again
for some missing thing. these are
the real wounds.
i am not a child
anymore: there are worse things
to have lost
than teeth.
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 43 22
My Confusing Mind
Can you help with my confusing head?
Or would you be as lost like me?
As I try to answer so many questions,
But always failing in this strange type of end.
Where I’m lost and afraid to leave this very place,
As I’m to scared of getting out of here.
Since outside these walls is the world of work.
From day to night, with so little rest.
To be alone,
And to do things on my own.
Since this world is filled with labor,
With a pay within these wagers,
Will always be the one in filth and greed,
As they’ll make me pay for almost everything.
I’m frightened to be in such a world,
As I only feel that I will only fail.
To go with the flow of this society,
 Since I can only go to my own path,
That I have made long ago.
And as that life is getting closer,
I still don’t know on what I’m taking.
As I don’t think I’ll ever print,
Another product again,
Since I know I’ll only screw up.
Cause, isn’t that what I always do?
I try to win,
But a
:iconawsomeisred:AwsomeIsRed 1 0
Strolling Down Memory Lane
Let us trudge through the sludge
Taking  trip down memory lane.
Take a glimpse into the past
To help ease the pain.
The past can freeze bones
So you no longer feel the burn;
Or embrace the flame,
Growing accustomed to the heat.
Whether freezing over,
Or burning alive,
You learn to cope
With forgetten burdens;
Still weighing you down.
Instead of treading through ditches
Of sorrow or pain.
Soon it shall be nothing more
Than a stroll down memory lane.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 10 15
Fear No More
We play hide and seek
With out inner demons.
Sometimes we try to hide,
Escaping the terrors;
And other times we search
Trying to find them.
Facing your demons
Can make you stronger.
It's not just a game,
It is your life,
And you should live it
Without the fear of those devils.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 6 21
I try not to let others fall
For I've been let go before.
I know how it feels
To hit the floor below.
It isn't what you want,
But it lets you learn.
The experience you get
Helps to stop others
From having the same fate.
Though I can't save all,
And some fall from their own demise.
They can't see the truth,
But is it better to die?
Some slip my grasp,
Some have more devilish ways.
They try to pull me with them,
And I simply let go.
Now I'm back at that drop,
I sit on the edge;
I can feel the voices in my head
Pushing me over the edge.
Finally snapping my mind
Taking a leap of face;
Maybe the clouds are softer
Than the ground.
That's what I've thought
Sitting in this place;
But I don't want to go.
No, I won't leave yet
Not as long as there are those I can save.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 5 12
Hanging under the willow tree
Rotted corpses lie.
The bodies of past sinners
Destined here to die.
Guided by an angel
With broken wings of black.
Takes them to a willow tree
Where there is no turning back.
Talon-like hands
No feet to be seen.
He glides above,
And through hollow eyes sees.
Black feathered vultures caw
Warnings of their coming end.
Broken souls further mauled
Until taken by death.
Swaying is the willow tree
Where you stand in trance.
Mesmerized by the branche's sway
Trapped here your final day.
Crimson red flows
Onto colorless, dry grass.
As your body sinks
Taken by the swamp water.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 6 3
Tick tock goes the clock
My time is slowly slipping;
And when it strikes midnight
I must be going.
For this world's not mine,
And I have places to be,
I have many sins
That need repaying.
My life started in dirt and sand,
And I built a castle
To hold me in;
But temptation lead
To find a new beginning,
So my journey starts and ends
At the same place.
Tick tock goes the clock
My time is slowly slipping;
And when it strikes midnight
I must be going.
For this world's not mine,
And I have places to be,
I have many sins
That need repaying.
Now I found a place to call my own
And my kingdom spread
As I began to roam.
This world never held me back
My chains were going;
I led attacks
That destroyed others homes.
I was the ruler of all
Now the king of nothing.
I have no friends to call my own
As I sit on my bed alone.
The castle walls
Haw turned to dust and sand,
And my scepter falls
From my stone cold hand.
Tick tock goes the clock
My time is slowly slipping;
And when it strikes midnight
I must
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 10 8
Both Sides of Her Heart
I didn't ask for this to be thrown at me
I didn't ask for this role.
I was chosen to lead a pack,
But I can't lead myself.
I didn't ask to fall in love with two
And be torn apart by both.
I could never kill either,
Yet I know I must.
I didn't ask for pups
Or the life that I live.
I don't know if I would've chosen it
If I had the choice to.
I didn't ask for this,
But I have it none the less;
So I should spend what little time I have
Joyously with those I love.
For I love two males,
And I know both are great;
For I am told
From both sides of my heart.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 6 7
Saying Goodbye
I feel trapped
All alone.
My crown
I'm dethroned.
I went from top
To rock bottom.
I've been mopped
Off the floor.
I am weak from fatigue
I am dead from the war.
Left shattered
Mind is gone.
Insanity fills the room
Laughter in the halls.
This is the point of no return
I've crossed over the line.
So this is my end
You must say goodbye.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 7 4
Beautiful Stream of Lies...
It will be dealt with, sir
Hey you! Make it aware, black, blue, green
We had the sun in us, too bright to even be seen that it was just another african man's
Dream- let it be seen!
Our hearts, our eyes, our voices and our cries are just about to be buried under the deep and dark stream of lies...
Your land
Your peace
Your freedom, Sir
Although our hearts still lie above the almighty European skies,
We can no longer live with the sorrow preoccupied in our minds,
Nor can we drink from their beautiful lies...
Listen, listen
I sit on the ground danger surrounds me
Roots growing high, and the silence embraces me
What if our screams of terror fell to a silence of despair?
What if the tears which were once sweet had the taste of bitterness?
Would you drink from the same dark water we drink from?
Would you leave us to die
in your beautiful stream of lies?...
Your land
Your peace
Your freedom, sir
Hey you!
Listen, and make it aware...
:iconanabelalima98:anabelalima98 13 13
A battle lost
A white flag thrown on a field stained by bloody tears
I submit
         give up
           Fuck you
People have no meaning any more
Eyes show the truth to the lies they spin like webs
I choose surrender rather than put you out of your misery
No more of your fear-fueled deceits
No more watching you waste your lives
Obsessed with consuming
Ignoring what is really important
 Creation                  Compassion
Now I choose to live in this self-made cave
I choose to no longer participate in society
I choose to become my art,
                     become my words,
                     live by my morals...
                                          ... as antiquated as they are
The dream of many but embraced
:iconwriterinacave:WriterInACave 11 10
you can't lie.
not when I can see your thighs. but then again,
    you had me sold
    on tales of sweet molasses     and dry cider.
the way you paused when speaking . . . ungraceful, distant murmur -
overexposed, the sunbath upon Observatory Hill and
recollections of stark snaking contrasts
    washed&mapped rolling contours;old town suburbs
this was oilpainting by seconds.
           coffee break.
    Fuck. What did we talk about? I felt so self-assured ,but
    we dropped clauses from our conversations, until our
    sparse sentences resolved to dust and breath.
and you left.
cobbled streets with your feet caught tight
in leather boots. clumpclumpclumping a narrative
& literature spilled from the ghosts of rattling trains and the mufflers bound to four lanes of apothesis
:iconbrittlejacks:brittlejacks 18 27
Weather the Tide
Sitting here in peace and quiet.
A nice break from the daily riot.
Relaxing through a simple dream,
All life really is it would seem.
Breaking the silence, my heartbeat.
Eternal love, shall I ever meet?
A dream we all crawl through in life.
Wishing for hope, living in strife.
We're always praying, day by day
Wishing it would all just go away.
Always learning, always teaching.
For another, always reaching.
Escape the eternal daily grind
When, at long last, the one we now find.
Bonds are formed and our hearts exchange
Our united lives rearrange.
Sitting here in peace and quiet.
A nice break from the daily riot.
You and I, sitting side by side.
Weathering life's unending tide.
:iconraigaolir:RaigaOlir 6 2
Mature content
I fight because I care -I car :iconrogueshepherd:RogueShepherd 0 0

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This is really late now. I've tried to write a journal multiple times but there have been some... terrible things happening in my life and quite a few transitions including but not limited to finding my dog of many years dead in terrible circumstances, and going on many trips out of state to help other people change their lives. But I'm writing a feature like I said I would, and hope it just adds another layer of goodness to their success.

:iconmy-soul-bleeds-ink: held a Valentines contest and these were the winners.

"Cupid Dream" by MaggotsX
Cupid DreamsCupid Dreams
"You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams."
                              - Dr. Seuss
Cupid I am.
So cupid for you.
Yes, cupid for this
Purple romance. Cupid!
Oh, I'm so cupid.
Pink you are,
Water lilies of skin pink.
Not bloody stone, Pink!
Your pink chocolate thorns prick
So Pink! Oh, my bookish heart!
Our Love so Eros!
Even Hades knows our love!
Zeus-lightning, love-roses
Zap this red love so real.
My flower love, my cupid dream.
Cupid I am.
So Pink you are.
This Love so real.
Wake Cupid. Sleep pink love.
Oh, my dream? This is!
MaggotsX @ 02.02.2016

"As Intangible as a Ghost" by Convenient-Alias
As Intangible as a GhostI think Colin was lonely. He kept on coming up to my house, day after day after day. Even after I'd explained for the thousandth time that hello, I wasn't that kind of psychic.
Yes, I could see him. And yes, that was rare. I think only one out of maybe a hundred thousand people can see ghosts? And Upton was too small to have a genuine psychic in residence. He told me that until I  moved in, no one had ever seen him. And tethered to the cemetery, unable to go more than a few miles, he couldn't leave town to seek anyone out.
But I wasn't the kind of psychic he was looking for. I didn't carry messages for the dead. I didn't try to help them move on to the next life. Heck, until I met Colin I avoided talking to them pretty easily: ghosts are selfish, and when they realize they can't impress you and you can't help them, they move on to talk to each other instead of the boring teenage girl.
But Colin kept on coming to visit me. And he was polite enough about it that I never felt like I

"Candle" by copper9lives
CandleWinter heart an ember, dark and ashen
Flint remembers steel and spark of passion
Romance astray, outlander to this place 
But answers blaze in candor on your face 
A castaway on sands of lost pursuit
A past of clay in hands now resolute 
Receiving desolation, you wrought joy 
Belief and exultation unalloyed 
My wayward hope returning from afar
Desire burning, yearning for your star
My Eros, rising with the early sun
Anteros’ prize, our lonely vigil done — 
Embrace with grace the waiting winter brings
Enkindling the flame of endless springs 

And Honorable Mention
"Three Hearts-Rem" by RabidOctopus
Three Hearts-Rem“BANZAI!”
The warcry preceded the sight of a motorcycle power-sliding around the street corner, a one-eyed Haunter driving while an eyeless man in an island shirt sat behind the Ghost and a one-eyed man wearing a duster and Dundee hat had his fingers wrapped around the back of the bike’s seat.
After nearly colliding into the side of a Fiat, the chopper snarled as it shot forwards, flames bursting out of the exhaust pipes. Barely a moment passed before the trio overtook an angry Irishman by using the back of his car as a ramp for them to soar through the air, the motorcycle landing with a loud clang. Tearing down the street, the Haunter weaving through traffic and running red lights like a bat out of hell.
Ten minutes of being a road menace passed before the bike slid into a narrow parking space between a Ford pickup truck and a Range Rover. The chopper gave its driver a mechanical purr while the Ghost gave it a few revs.
“Remy, must you always drive like a mania

You can find a full list of the participants here my-soul-bleeds-ink.deviantart.…   as well as a list of prizes that might just motivate you to watch the group for their next contest.

I apologize again for taking so long. It's not been a good 2 months for me.

For the second part of the journal, I need to apologize yet again for not getting things started as I said I was going to with the prompts. It's the same excuse as the previous ones with one added. I can't control the gallery and fix the one full folder, (I am aware, I'll try to talk to the rest of the admins to try to find someone who can do something about it) and I can't add the folder that I want to for the prompts to work the way I thought they would. I can't feature people like I wanted to, but I can give prompts.

Tell me if you'd be interested in just the prompts without the features while I get it figured out. I hope this is resolved and hopefully we can get things going soon. One way or the other. I should be back more regularly now to accept your deviations and all those other admin.-ish duties. Feel free to ask anything, voice your concerns, or just comment randomly, it's always nice to hear from others.

Thanks for Listening,

More Journal Entries

---Society Rules---

:bulletred:You are allowed to post 3 deviations per day to the FPS Gallery, in addition, you are allowed to suggest 3 deviations to the FPS Favorites Collection.

:bulletblue:BULLY FREE ZONE! No harmful words to others AT ALL.

:bulletgreen:PLEASE Put our club icon in your journal or your signature. Put ----> : #FreePoetSociety : With no spaces.

:bulletyellow:If your not a member, please join us or devWATCH!!

:bulletorange:Submit only poetry, does not matter what kind, as long as you're happy with it.

:bulletpurple:REMEMBER.. Have fun!

If you have any questions at all, please put a message to:

:iconvelikorossiya: Jae Daniels (Founder)
:icondeadlysin-4: Cheryl (Co-Founder)
:iconpopov89: Fisher (Co-Founder)
:iconknofear: Ben Goldberg (Co-Founder)
And once again, Thank you for joining the Free Poet Society!!!








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